4 in 10 Women Share Content to Stay Connected

Regardless of the topic, the act of socially sharing information and content can be an altruistic gesture or seen as a narcissistic act. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights "Find Your Happy" study, we asked women to tell us their motivations for sharing to better understand what drives women to share content.

Overall, women expressed that they share content with others in order to stay connected to people (41%). This was especially true of teen girls (53%) and single women (44%). Nearly four in 10 women share to express their personal views, and 35% of women share because they feel it makes them happy. Teen girls (52%) and younger millennial women (43%) were more likely to cite that they share because it makes them happy.

Over one third of women share to support and promote causes they care about (35%) and to make others happy (35%). Again, teen girls were more likely to cite promoting causes (39%) and making others happy (47%) as their reasons for sharing than any other age segment.

Other altruistic reasons for sharing among women included to start a conversation (31%), to show others content I think they'll like (30%), to help make others knowledgeable (28%), and to grow and nourish relationships (23%).

Only 13% of women share in order to prove that they are "in the know" about the topic area they are sharing, although this is a trait that is more evident in teenage girls (22%), and only 9% of women share in order to increase other women's FOMO and make other people jealous of what they're doing or what they have. Again, teen girls are more likely to exhibit this behavior (13%), but according to our research, it's a trait that older segments very nearly grow out of by the time they turn 35 (4.4%).