60% of New-Food-Brand Trial Driven by Ingredients or Impulse

Think about the last new food or food brand you purchased. Do you remember what inspired you to add it to your grocery cart? If you're anything like the women we surveyed as part of the 2015 POPSUGAR Insights Food study, it was driven by someone you knew, an ingredient you needed to complete a recipe, or driven by impulse.

Overall, recommendations by friends and family are the number one driver of new-brand trial, with 63% of women saying that their inspiration for trying a new brand was a recommendation from someone they knew. Next, 60% of women said that a new recipe they discovered drove them to purchase a particular ingredient, leading to the new-brand trial. Sixty percent of women said that their decision to purchase a new food or food brand was driven purely by impulse in the store. Additionally, the item being on sale was a driver for 59% of women we surveyed.

Mentions in lifestyle content are also an important driver of new-brand trial, with nearly 50% of women saying that they were inspired to try a new food brand based on an article they read on a lifestyle website.