66% of Women Plan to Work Out More This Summer

Despite repeated encounters with the dreaded polar vortex this Winter and late Spring snowstorms across the country, Summer is nearly here. POPSUGAR Insights recently conducted a survey of POPSUGAR Fitness visitors to ask them about their Summer plans, and we learned that 66% of women plan to work out more or start a new exercise routine in anticipation of Summer.

The start of Summer means it's nearly bikini season, so it's not surprising that exercise topped the list of healthy living activities that women plan to do in anticipation of Summer. Forty-two percent of women said that they plan on renewing an exercise, fitness, or workout program, and the same percentage said that they plan on starting or renewing a healthy eating or diet program.

Web publishers and app developers stand to benefit from women's Summer health planning as 31% of women plan to visit websites that post health, diet, or fitness content and 14% of women plan to download apps that post health, diet, or fitness content.

Women also plan on getting back to nature and getting their "om" on this Summer. Twenty-nine percent of women plan to purchase more organic or natural products in anticipation of Summer, and 21% plan to start or renew an alternative health program, including yoga or Pilates. Fourteen percent of women plan to start or renew a cleansing program.