67% of Millennial Women Want Shoppable Content

One of the implicit promises tied to the rise of digital life is the ability to make life more seamless, reduce friction, and make things easier for consumers to do more. As consumers spend increased amounts of time with digital media and technology advancements continue to allow them to do more online, the line between content and commerce is blurring. As part of the POPSUGAR Future of Retail Experiences study, we asked women to share their interest in the ability to instantly purchase products they see featured in digital content, otherwise known as offering shoppable content.

Brands are investing millions of dollars worldwide in creating content, shifting away from traditional digital display advertising and instead creating content that is native to the mobile experience, where consumers are spending a larger amount of their time. But content can sometimes leave a gap in the consumer purchase journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. The promise of shoppable content is to shorten the gap and allow consumers to turn inspirations directly into action by purchasing the products they see mentioned or displayed within the content itself. Shoppable content reduces the friction and creates a seamless and positive experience for the consumer.

In our study, we learned that 67% of millennial women wish that they could take advantage of the benefits of shoppable content and instantly purchase the products they see in digital content, such as articles, photo galleries, or videos. Millennial women are 14% more likely to be interested in shoppable content than women aged 18-49, and 20% more interested than women between the ages of 35 and 49.

With nearly one half of millennial women sharing that exclusive or valuable content, it is one of the most effective ways for brands to communicate and enhance their shopping experience, and with nearly one in four women looking for brands to create unique and fun ads, an opportunity exists to create shoppable content that is valuable, frictionless, and allows women to move seamlessly from inspiration to action.