68% of Women Admit to Overeating When They Feel Stressed

Women work extremely hard to live healthy and live clean, but sometimes life just gets in the way. This is especially true when women have major events in their lives that cause a "restart" in their daily and fitness routines or diet and nutrition habits. Examples of these are new jobs, new year, going back to school, and other major life events. Jealousy, stress, and guilt are all feelings that can emerge from these challenging times in a woman's life.

As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we wanted to explore these emotions in more depth, so we asked women to rank statements using a range of "agree completely" to "disagree completely" to identify the positives and negatives of how women really feel.

First, the positives. Overall, 93% of women agree completely or somewhat with the statement that "exercise makes me healthy," and 60% of women have cracked the code to discover a "way of eating that works for me." Relevant brands should take advantage of these individual influencers who have found ways to be successful in reaching their goals and champion their success stories in their marketing efforts.

Now for the downsides. Overall, 69% of women get jealous of women who have great bodies, 68% of women overeat when they're stressed, and 60% feel guilty when they don't exercise at least a few times a week. Also, 66% of women feel that healthy eating is too expensive, and 46% of women feel upset when they cheat on their diets. Brands can play an active role here as well, acting as the voice of reason and providing motivational content to help women get back on track, gain perspective, or get organized and find ways to achieve their healthy living goals.