69% of Women Made New Year’s Health Resolutions in 2014

Did you make a New Year's health resolution this year? POPSUGAR Insights recently conducted a survey of POPSUGAR Fitness visitors to ask them about their 2014 health resolutions and discovered that 69% of women made a New Year's resolution in 2014.

Of women who made a resolution this year, 60% resolved to start or renew an exercise, fitness, or workout program; 55% resolved to start or renew a healthy eating or diet program; and 25% vowed to purchase more organic or natural products.

Giving up a bad habit was the next most popular resolution for women (21%), followed by starting or renewing an alternative health program, such as yoga or Pilates (20%).

Good news for web publishers and app developers, 16% of women resolved to visit websites that post health, diet, or fitness content, and 16% also wanted to download apps that post health, diet, or fitness content in 2014.

Perhaps surprisingly, only 7% of women's resolutions involved joining a gym.