85% of Women Stuck to Their 2014 New Year’s Health Resolutions

POPSUGAR Insights recently conducted a survey of POPSUGAR Fitness visitors to ask them about their 2014 health resolutions, and we discovered that 69% of women made a resolution in 2014 and 85% of those women have so far stuck with their resolutions. Pretty impressive.

Fourteen percent of women responded that they stuck with their resolution and that they found it easy to do so, while 71% kept up with their resolution even though at times they found it difficult to continue. Six percent of women did not stick with their resolution because they found it too difficult to continue, and 9% of women barely got started.

For the 85% of women who have continued with their resolutions, 25% felt that it has been very easy or easy to stay resolved, 34% have found it neither easy nor difficult, and 41% of women have found it difficult or very difficult to keep going.

For those women who did not continue with their health resolutions, 33% said they didn't have enough time or were too busy to keep up, 14% said they lacked the energy to keep going, and 12% said the goals that they set were too difficult. Write-in responses for this particular question included women who had just had babies or had unexpected surgeries and medical conditions arise.

Overall, 73% of women are happy with the results of their New Year's health resolutions.