87% of Women Prefer "Great Visual Content"

As Susan Sontag wrote back in 1977, "Today everything exists to end in a photograph." Imagine what she must think today, as screen time increasingly shapes our daily experiences and visual content continues to increase in importance. As a recent study showed, consumers now average 7.4 hours of screen time per day and only 6.8 hours of sleep.

As part of our 2015 Evocative Web study, we explored the relationship between publishers and brand marketers and the emotional connection that both can create via the use of high-quality visual imagery. We found that overall, 87% of women prefer "great visual content" and visual content is the preferred way for women to view digital content in lifestyle content categories.

Perhaps not surprisingly, images are the preferred way to view digital content for shopping, fashion/beauty/style, and home and garden content. Video is the preferred way for women to consume entertainment, fitness, and food and cooking content. Text is the preferred way to consume parenting content.