9 in 10 Women Say Experiences Makes Them Happy

Women are forced to balance a lot of responsibilities in their everyday lives. From school to work to balancing work with parenthood and marriage, life's responsibilities can drain their energy. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights "Find Your Happy" study, we surveyed women to understand what recharges them and helps power their happy.

Overall, women say that experiences that them happiest, especially when those experiences help women help others, recharge, learn new things or discover new places. Women love the pleasure that serendipity can bring, and that's why 95% of women said that receiving acts of kindness makes them happy, as does doing random acts of kindness themselves. Ninety-four percent of women said that exploring new places and learning new things make them happy, proving it's more about having experiences than acquiring new things.

That said, it's certainly not criminal to enjoy pampering oneself, and that's why 91% of women enjoy splurging on themselves with a great meal, a spa day, or a mani/pedi. Another nine out of 10 women enjoy shopping for themselves, the same percentage that enjoy doing volunteer work. Me time can also take on the form of achievement, and nearly 90% of women said that meeting their exercise goals makes them happiest, and 88% said that meeting their diet goals made them happy.

It's interesting to note that for teen girls, social media is very important. While interactions with people on social media, having people "like" or share social media posts, and gaining social media followers ranked lowest among all options for women overall, all of these social-media-related topics rated far higher for teenage girls (13-17). Eighty-one percent of teenage girls said that gaining social media followers was what made them happiest.