93% of Women Visit Blogs to Be Inspired

Women form emotional connections to content they are passionate about, but those emotional connections can serve different needs at different times. As part of the POPSUGAR 2015 Blog Influence Report, we partnered with CJ Affiliate by Conversant to understand what motivates women to visit blogs and follow bloggers by surveying over 2,500 visitors to POPSUGAR and ShopStyle.

We offered women a choice of three options and asked them to select which statement best applied to their personal motivation for frequenting blogs. Overall, 93% of women agreed or strongly agreed that they visit blogs to be inspired, 91% of women said that they visit blogs in order to stay informed, and 89% of women said that they visit blogs in order to be entertained.

In terms of the women who strongly agreed with each statement, over 53% of women strongly agreed that inspiration was the motivating factor, as compared to 37% who selected being entertained and 33% who selected being informed. Given the way that great blogs have the ability to find and showcase items we may have not previously been exposed to, it's perhaps not surprising that so many women strongly agreed with blogs' ability to inspire.