The Benefits of Wearables, Smart Devices, and Happiness

Owning a wearable or smart device can make you feel smarter, but can they actually make you happier? As part of the POPSUGAR Insights "Find Your Happy" study, we asked women to tell us which wearable and smart devices they thought could be the best at enhancing their lives and making them happy.

Overall, 54% of women said that healthy eating and ingredient guides would help them become happier, and 53% of women felt that calorie counters would make them happy. Over 51% of women felt that wearable health monitors and fitness trackers could make them happy, and 50% believe that a smartwatch is the key to their happiness. Teen girls were more likely than any other age segment to believe that smart clothing (62%), fashion feedback apps (57%), and smart jewelry (54%) were more likely to make them happy.

When we asked why they felt these tech devices could enhance their lives and make them happy, women cited their roles as aids to help them make smarter choices (50%), set achievable goals (48%), and track daily activities (48%). Forty-six percent of women said that these devices inspire or motivate them, and 45% believe that they help enhance their performance or make them more efficient. Less than 30 percent of women said that the key to their happiness was that these devices look cool (26%) or can help them impress their friends (20%), although teen girls were more likely to be interested in impressing their friends (36%) than any other age segment.