Best Practices For Visual Content

As part of our 2015 Evocative Web study, POPSUGAR Insights explored the relationship that women have with native advertising and the role that high-quality visual content plays in creating emotional connections with women. When women navigate their content streams seeking out content that entertains, informs, and inspires, what are they looking for? What visual clues can content send to let women know it's worthy of their time and attention? We were curious, so we interviewed creative experts and female consumers to get their perspectives. Here's what they shared.

Keep it fun: Women are seeking out positive content to engage with during their "me time," and 55% of women want to see more funny content online. An additional bonus, 73% of women say that the number one reason they share content is because it made them laugh.

Make it smart: Women want content that appeals to their intelligence, not insults it. After all, nearly 50% of women will seek out additional information about a topic after seeing visual content, so it's important that the content is smart and appropriate.

Keep it real: 44% of women want to see more content dedicated to "real women," to help them learn something new, get inspired, or stay motivated about a passion point. Make sure the content you create is grounded in reality and appeals to her daily life in order to make a strong emotional connection.

Make it unique: Women are spending their precious "me time" with your content, so make sure it's something worthwhile and unique. Offer her artistic and thoughtful original images, and she is more likely to consider your content high-quality.

Keep it simple: These days, women are increasingly consuming content on devices with smaller screens than your typical laptop computer. Therefore, don't make her eyes fight for attention by offering complex, confusing, or cluttered images. Over 50% of women define high-quality images as lacking clutter, and 78% of women prefer ads that use original photography. Keep your messages clean, clear, and concise, and you'll win her over.