Blogs: An Essential Part of a Woman’s Shopping Journey

These days, it seems as if inspiration for a product purchase can come from anywhere. From social media to other forms of digital content, there are so many ways to learn about new products and brands that the purchase funnel has been renamed the consumer decision journey. As part of the POPSUGAR 2015 Blog Influence Report, we partnered with CJ Affiliate by Conversant to understand the role that blogs and bloggers play in a woman's shopping journey by surveying over 2,500 visitors to POPSUGAR and ShopStyle.

Overall, 74% of women agree or strongly agree that they use blogs to seek out new items to buy, with nearly 59% agreeing and 15% strongly agreeing. Blogs are also great tools for illuminating products women might have missed, with 92% of women saying that blogs are responsible for introducing them to products they otherwise would not have found on their own.

The strength of blogs as a source of inspiration and introduction of new products to women makes it relatively easy for 71% of women to agree that blogs are an essential part of their shopping research process. Nearly one in five women strongly agree that this is the case, and over 50% of women agree.