Dinner For Two: Women Dish on Best Parts of Relationships

Love is a profound human emotion, and being in a relationship can be a key to leading a balanced life. To women, relationships are omnipresent, and when they are not going well, they can dramatically impact the sanity of the parties involved, at least according to one woman we interviewed. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we asked women to share the best aspects of being in a relationship.

One of the reasons for being in a relationship is to have someone to share the best life moments with; therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that 41% of women felt that companionship was the best part of being in a relationship while just 33% of women felt that having someone who "supports me and my personal goals" was best. Emotional intimacy ranked third overall, with 17% of women selecting intimacy as the best thing about being a relationship. Only 1% of women chose guaranteed sex as the best thing about being in a relationship.