Do You Want Instant Health?

I know you are really busy and want quick answers/results, so I have these 11 simple quick tips to extend your life. It's a chance for you to get some instant health gratification now:

  • THROW OUT YOUR ANTI-PERSPIRANT: You don't want to eliminate the sweat trying to come out of your body. You want it to come out. Use deodorant instead.
  • BUY NEW SHOES: I have clients show up in worn out or ill fitting shoes. They are not good for your feet. Make sure your shoes fit perfectly and are in tip top shape. They are worth every cent, don't skimp.
  • BUY SEA SALT: You don't want more aluminum in your body, so toss out your iodized table salt. It comes from underground mines and is treated with aluminum to prevent caking. Sometimes they bleach it to make it whiter.
  • TAKE DHA OMEGA-3 SUPPLEMENT PILLS: They maintain your smartness.
  • FLOSS: It reduces arterial inflammation.
  • REST: Make sure you wake up every morning feeling well rested. If you are not, find out why and fix it. Sleep is crucial for your health.
  • MEASURE YOUR MAXIMUM HEART RATE: Next time you get that heart pumping as hard as you can, count your pulse for 10 seconds and multiple it by 6. That number had better be close to 220 minus your age. Then stop exercising and wait 2 minutes and count your pulse again. You want it to drop by 60. This is how you gauge how responsive your heart is to your needs. If your heart is struggling to keep up, it will keep pounding fast. If you don't meet these numbers, you have some work to do and need to spend more time exercising.
  • ELIMINATE SALAD DRESSINGS: They are full of wasted calories. Lemon, Oil and Vinegar are healthier.
  • WATER: Drink plenty of it. You want your urine to be clear. Every day you should drink half your body weight in ounces.
  • INVEST IN A WORKOUT DVD: Make sure it is no equipment workout DVD. They make exercising easy to do when you don't have a lot of time, stuck indoors due bad weather, or when you are traveling.
  • NEVER PUT PLASTIC IN THE MICROWAVE: Use glass or everyday ceramic. You don't need anymore plastic in your body!