Editor For a Day: Healthy Living Content by Women For Women

As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we asked women to play editor for a day and craft the headlines of healthy living stories they are most interested in reading. Here, in their own words, is the content they are seeking.

Fitness Headlines

  • "Exercise, the Way to Stress Less"
  • "Be STRONG. Burn FAT"
  • "The Stay-at-Home Workout"
  • "Create A PLAN to Exercise Daily"
  • "Tired of the Same Exercise Regime? Mix It Up With Something New"

Nutrition Headlines

  • "Puzzled About Your Diet? Eating Clean Might Be the Missing Piece"
  • "Who to Believe When You're Getting Clean"
  • "Feeling Dirty? Get Cleaned Up Inside and Out"
  • "Label Reading 101"
  • "Making Eating Green Easy in 3 Simple Steps"

Parenting Headlines

  • "10 Ways to Spend More Time OUTDOORS (With Your Kids)"
  • "Yoga: The Key to Being a Better Parent"
  • "Exercise Plans For the WHOLE FAMILY"

Life Balance Headlines

  • "Being Green Doesn't Have to Cost You Green"
  • "How Green Is Too Green?"

It's clear by the headlines above that most women have a very clear understanding of the healthy living content they are seeking. The headlines that they created focus on providing information and inspiration to help them live balanced, healthy lives.