Get Involved: How Women Connect to Causes

According to the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, 52% of women believe that helping to make the world a better place is an indicator of personal success. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that 93% of women would rather see a cure for cancer than a cure for fat.

Women are deeply connected to causes, and they like to align their healthy living goals with larger causes. Eight out of every 10 women are more likely to purchase a product if it benefits a cause they care about, 83% of women are willing to purchase brands that bring healthy living activities into their neighborhoods, and the same percentage prefer purchasing brands that create sustainable products and offer healthy options. In fact, over 60% of women would pay more for a product if a portion of the sale benefited a cause. Brands that support relevant causes allow women to take pride in the product choices they are making, deepen the overall consumer brand relationship, and increase the potential for social sharing and for future sales.