Give Me a Break: Only 1% of Women Aren't Stressed Out

It's been proven that stress can cause health problems such as headaches, stomach problems as well as anxiety and many other symptoms that effect the body and mood (source: Mayo Clinic). We wanted to know how stressed women felt and what the major causes of their stress were.

Only 1% of women felt that they were not stressed at all with only 3% feeling that they were extremely stressed. This leaves most women falling somewhere in the middle, or 'somewhat stressed' (31%) and 19% falling into the 'not so stressed' category. We also learned that 50% of women felt reducing their stress needed the most improvement in their lives, more so than finances, career and love life, making this an important factor in their lives.

69% of women felt that they are more stressed than they should be. In grading how they manage their stress, 44% graded themselves fair to poor with 46% of mothers feeling the same. Only 19% gave themselves an excellent or good grade in dealing with stress. The ways that they are currently dealing with their stress are exercise (52%) or overeating (31%)

So we know women are stressed, but what stresses them out so much? School came in at 65%, with 31% saying their job, with job stress growing to 40% for women aged 25-29. 29% felt the stress of their finances, which grew to 42% of women 35-40. Only 9% of moms with children indicated that their kids stressed them out, their number one stress cause was finances.

Women need a break and marketers can help them out by offering them some relief from their stressful lives. We have seen this with different CPG clients like Kit-Kat with their 'Kit-Kat' break campaign. But, marketers can take this a bit further than a tagline, by offering stress relief tips, quick exercise breaks, a fun but quick game/app to take their mind off whatever it is that is stressing them out. The main point is, make it quick and effective to fit into their busy lives.