Going Mobile: How Brands Can Connect With Mobile Women

Nearly 50% of women prefer to consume healthy living content via their smartphone or tablet, but many women find existing content currently lacking. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we wanted to explore this in more depth to provide brands with insights into the types of mobile content that women are seeking.

Smartphones are currently most often used by women to download and use apps that help support fitness and nutritional tracking, but while messaging about healthy living topics is seen as being readily available via other media formats, there is a perception among women that quality content about the broader concept of healthy living is not available via mobile. This represents a significant white space for brands.

Because a smartphone is such a personal device, at arm's length for most of a woman's day, there's a tremendous opportunity for brands to become a trusted resource for delivering information and inspiration related to helping her achieve her personal healthy living goals. Beyond the utility of tracking and counting steps and calories, mobile content can deliver snackable bits of useful information from a trusted source to help women motivate and take action toward their defined goals. Examples can include short-form instructional videos, meal-planning guides, pinnable motivational content, personal success stories from other women on similar paths, or advice from topic area experts. Women are very open to brands in this context and welcome them into the conversation, once trust and credibility have been established.