Her Connected Life: How Women Use Technology to Find Happiness

Women have an very positive view of the role that technology can play in helping them be happy, and as part of the POPSUGAR Insights "Find Your Happy" study, we asked women how they utilize technology in order to help them achieve their goals or communicate their life successes. We asked women to respond (on a five-point scale from "agree completely" to "disagree completely") to the following statements. In this article, we're sharing the top-two box (agree completely or agree somewhat) responses.

Overall, 72% of women said that they like to record life's special moments, with married women (78%) and moms (80%) agreeing more than unmarried women and women without children. Sixty percent of women like to use tech to set career goals for themselves, and 59% of women like to share life's special moments via social media. Fifty-nine percent of women said that they enjoy the support that they receive via social media — this is especially true of teen girls (69%).

In terms of personal fitness tracking, 58% of women like to set up personal fitness goals for themselves, 45% of women like to keep track of their daily fitness activities (steps, calories, etc.), and 36% like to share their daily fitness activities with others. Fitness tracking is important to the next generation of enthusiasts, as younger millennial women aged 18-24 are more likely to want to track daily activities (52%) and are also slightly more likely to be interested in sharing the findings (40%). Millennial women (18-34) are more likely to set personal fitness goals for themselves (61%) and share when they reach personal milestones (60%), while teen girls are especially likely to be interested in sharing their daily fitness activities with others (47%) and solicit feedback from friends and family about their personal goals (57%).