An Interview With Corey Moss

An interview with Corey Moss, SVP of Digital & Production, Principato-Young Entertainment. 

What are the current hot trends you're seeing in video?

I just spent two weeks in New York at the Digital Content NewFronts, which showcased a plethora of programming. It's definitely being focused around the same verticals: beauty, health, tech, gaming, travel, etc., no matter the distributor. Even Maker, which has a very youthful demographic, has programming for moms. Certainly the hot trend is easily digestible, BuzzFeed-esque videos.

In your experience, what types of lifestyle video content are women passionate about?

For me, and I think the audience and definitely advertisers agree, it's all about the talent. I have done a lifestyle program on Yahoo called Reluctantly Healthy for three years, and it's hosted and created by Judy Greer. Women love her. She's relatable, honest, fun. She's the girl next door! And that drives engagement. She gets recognized as much for that show as any of her dozens of movies or TV shows.

Has the rise of multiplatform content consumption changed the way you think about creating lifestyle videos for women? Do you factor device choice or daypart viewing into your strategy?

As a producer, we focus on developing and producing content that will be high quality and usually funny, that can be consumed on any device, any time of day. I let the distributors figure out the windowing.

Our research showed that women are seeking out videos that are authentic, concise, and positive in tone. When creating or consuming content, do you take the tonality and length of the content into consideration?

On our show Let's Talk About Love with Niecy Nash, each episode could have been 20 minutes, as much as our guests loved to talk to Niecy about their relationships. But we purposely kept them around four minutes, which felt like the right length for the Yahoo platform. Tonally, funny is what we do, but we're also not afraid to go a little deep. People shed tears on LTAL. Not so much on Reluctantly Healthy, but we talk about serious stuff. This week's episode is about the dangers of public restrooms, for example! We always stay positive. Let the negativity live in the comments section.

What type(s) of lifestyle videos get the most positive reactions? Why? Any examples?

Our most-viewed episodes of Reluctantly Healthy tend to be very specific things; like last season, it was "how buffets trick you." There's so much content out there now — you need to stand out by offering something very original. And stuff about "secrets" and "misconceptions" always seems to do well.

What do you think are the biggest challenges that content creators face in creating engaging video content?

Standing out from the competition is the biggest challenge. That's why we focus on talent-driven projects, which are harder to find. At the DCNFs, everybody had a beauty show, but ours has A-list talent!

Who do you consider to be leading influencers in creating compelling lifestyle videos?

We have loved being on Yahoo, which has such great lifestyle programming. Same with AOL. You can tell they put the resources into it.

Do you feel that lifestyle video is an effective vehicle for brands to increase awareness and consideration or drive purchase?

We have worked the past three seasons of Reluctantly Healthy with Walgreens, who are a great partner. We find out their initiatives and create custom episodes around them. It's very natural integration, which is the best way to achieve brand awareness.

What advice do you have for brands looking to advertise through lifestyle video content?

I think it's important to find a show that tonally fits best with the brand. From there, anything is possible, but you are never going to be in a good situation with a show that is maybe too quirky or too preachy for your brand.

How do you personally keep up to date with the latest trends in video?

The digital trades, especially VideoInk, do an amazing job tracking the business, and that's how I follow it. I'm obsessed with making sure I check out ALL the competition.

Do you have a current or all-time favorite lifestyle video?

I made this video on spec for Clorox, and they passed on it. It's still my favorite, though, because my kids are in it!