The Joy of Cooking

Sixty-five percent of women enjoy cooking, and 39% are always learning new recipes to add to their meal arsenal. Fifty-one percent prepare 3+ breakfasts, 71% prepare 3+ lunches, and 89% prepare 3+ dinners every week. That's a lot of cooking!

The most important meal of the day is pretty essential to women, as 21% prepare breakfast every day. They are eating eggs (86%), yogurt (64%), oatmeal (58%), bread (52%), and breakfast meats (45%). Only 6% don't eat breakfast, and 9% eat breakfast out of home.

Twenty-one percent of women prepare lunch daily, but 30% only prepare lunch 1-2 times a week or not at all. For those who prefer to buy their lunch, 26% head over to their nearby casual sit-down restaurant to get their lunch served to them, and 20% stop in at Subway. Though fast food is not their first choice, the top two were Taco Bell (9%) and McDonald's (8%).

After a long day, dinner is still something women enjoy preparing themselves, and 38% prepare 5-6 dinners per week. When they are not cooking dinner, 61% eat at a local restaurant, and 53% make the most of their past meals and heat up yummy leftovers. Having food delivered is the fourth dinner alternative (33%), and if they didn't have Subway for lunch, they may have it for dinner (9%).

Women are making healthy food choices and opting for cooking their meals, and when they are not cooking, they are making healthy choices. This is a perfect opportunity for fast-food and casual-dining restaurants to market their healthy menu choices to entice women to eat at their establishments on those days that they don't feel the joy of cooking.