Keeping It Fresh: 62% of Women Seek Fitness Inspiration

Nobody's perfect. We all try to balance the many different aspects of our lives with varying amounts of success. Sometimes trying to juggle a personal life, a career, and a love life can feel positively overwhelming. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we wanted to learn the life areas that women felt needed the most improvement. All women are different, and the things that need improvement can change and shift over time, but we thought this provided an interesting snapshot into the state of self-improvement needs.

Women feel that the area of their lives that needs the most improvement was physical fitness (62%). Our research shows that while some women exercise every day, time constraints and other life challenges prohibit most from keeping up with the exercise regimen they strive for. Women seek motivational, inspirational content and community support to keep improving this important area of their lives.

Next, women feel that their nutrition or diets need improvement (53%). Keeping to a diet or making the right dietary choices isn't always possible given the many challenges and changes that life throws our way. Therefore, while women set goals to eat healthy, stress and other life events can provide setbacks, so women seek advice and tips from credible sources and would benefit from snackable content designed to help keep them on the right path to achieve their goals.

Stress ranked third among women overall (50%). Stress finds its way into various areas of a woman's life, and finding ways to successfully manage stress is a goal most women share. Laughter, being part of a community, and exercise all rank as ways that women try to reduce the stress in their lives, and brands can take advantage of these by offering a little daily levity and connecting women to stress-reduction experts who can offer tips on how to relax or personal trainers who can offer exercise and workout tips that help relax.

Finally, personal finances (49%) and careers (30%) round out the top five areas where women feel they need the most improvement. Both of these areas can be significant contributors to stress levels and can get in the way of physical fitness and nutrition/diet goals.

There is a tremendous opportunity for brands to help women manage their time and offer tips and resources on what's important and how to fit everything women want to achieve into a day. The content brand's offer should be snackable, sharable, and uplifting so women want to share with others and optimized for mobile so women can learn while on the go.