Lifehacking with Emily Co, Editor of POPSUGAR Smart Living

An interview with Emily Co, Editor of POPSUGAR Smart Living

What are the current hot trends in the smart living category?

DIY, cleaning, organization, frugal living tips, productivity, job search, wellness, eco tips, life hacks, and self-improvement.

What type(s) of smart living content gets the most positive reactions? Why?

Wellness and feel good items — people love the emotional connection. Cleaning products posts — popular topic on Pinterest equals more traffic and more positive reactions.

Has the rise of multi-platform content consumption changed the way you think about writing for consumers?

It's more of the rise of different social media outlets that has changed the way I think about writing for our readers. For example, because Pinterest is undeniably an outlet to take advantage of, I've started gearing a lot of the content towards that audience.

What do you think are the biggest challenges that women face in having a smart lifestyle?

Not having the time and information to implement changes in their life.

Do you feel the content you create helps them to overcome these challenges?

Yes. We try to provide information in an easy to digest format to make it less overwhelming to get through but still really informative.

Where do you find inspiration for the content that you create?

On the web — sites like The Atlantic, blogs by stay-at-home moms (tend to have a lot of cleaning and organization posts), Buzzfeed, Wisebread, Lifehacker, Pinterest, Huffington Post, Reddit, and Quora. Also, conversations with people inspire me. Books.

How do you personally keep up to date with the latest smart living trends?

Reading sites like The New York Times, using my Flipboard app, The Wall St. Journal, The Atlantic, and Reddit.

What do you consider to be the next big trend in smart living?