Lifestyle Content Trends — Food

Besides recipes, what other kinds of food content drive consumer interest? As part of the POPSUGAR Insights "Find Your Happy" study, we asked women to tell us what types of lifestyle content they actively seek out in specific categories. First we focused on fashion content, next we focused on fitness, and today we'll take a look at trends in food content.

Not surprisingly, recipe content (72%) is the leading type of food content when women are seeking out information. Over 81% of women age 25-34 seek out recipe content. After recipe content, women seek out how-to and tutorial content (57%), tips and tricks (54%), DIY tips (49%), and product reviews (47%). Nearly 43% of women seek out expert advice.

When women are seeking out food content in order to learn or achieve something specific, recipes still rank No. 1 overall (70%), and the top four content types that follow remain in the same order as above, with tutorials (56%), tips and tricks (55%), and DIY tips (51%) all ranking highly. Expert advice moves into fifth place overall (46%), ranking above product reviews (43%). Teen girls are more likely to seek our expert advice when they want to learn something (53%), and moms love DIY tips (57%).