Lifestyle Video — It’s Watched Everywhere

As the quality and quantity of great online video increases, so does its viewership. Women are watching online video at home (88%) where they used to watch TV: in their living rooms (56%), bedrooms (50%), or den/family rooms (27%). One of the big differences we saw in our data is that 61% of women 18 to 34 watch online video in their bedrooms, while only 36% of women 35 to 49 are doing the same. Women are also watching online video in the kitchen (15%), and I can attest to that because I do it myself; I might be following a recipe video or watching any show on Hulu featuring Gordon Ramsay.

It's clear that women are replacing traditional TV time with online video viewing as they are becoming screen agnostic. This is where marketers can take advantage of getting their messages to women who are engaged. It's always been an uphill battle to switch those TV dollars to digital, but here's solid proof that if brands want to reach women, they can do so through online video. 

But women are not just watching online video at home; they are also watching it on the go while in waiting rooms or in line (29%), with more women 18 to 34 watching video on the go (33%) than women 35 to 49 (25%). On-the-go viewing has the largest percentage of out-of-home viewership, larger than while traveling (17%), at work (16%), at the gym (12%), or during their commute (10%), where 13% of women 18 to 34 are taking advantage of their "me time" commute time by watching online video vs. 7% of women 35 to 49.

On-the-go video viewing is a perfect place for retailers to get their messaging out to women through online video advertising. Catch them while they are on the go and have the means to get to your brick-and-mortar to shop and/or have the time and device to visit your online shop.