Millennial Women Rely on Expertise When Considering New Vehicles

Expert opinion is vitally important when it comes to deciding on which new vehicles to purchase, but it isn't the only type of content millennial women seek out during their shopping journey. As part of our 2017 POPSUGAR Insights Auto Report, we surveyed over 1,200 US millennial female in-market auto shoppers to better understand their perspective on shopping for their next vehicle.

While reading online reviews (45%) is the most popular response among millennial women, it isn't the only action women take. Other popular steps include viewing online photo galleries that feature the vehicle (41%) and comparing the vehicle specifications (39%) to help decide if it's the perfect fit for their lifestyle. Affordability matters as well, and that's why 1 in 3 millennial women have calculated the monthly cost or total cost of vehicle ownership and 1 in 5 have calculated the value of their trade-in vehicle.