Moms aspire to live a healthy and happy life, but sometimes struggle to find the proper balance. Over 8 in 10 first-time babies are now born to Millennials and Millennial moms have more buying power ($20 billion) than previous generations of young moms, but as this generation shifts into a new life stage and set of responsibilities, they are finding themselves more stressed than they think they should be, and less happy than they think they should be. Digital content increasingly acts as a mom's "me time", allowing her to seek out lifestyle content that provides her with entertainment, inspiration, and information and helps act as a stress reliever or valuable resource for new moms.

POPSUGAR is excited to release the results of our #Momstaminia study, a study of 1,200 U.S. moms conducted in late 2015. In this study, we focused on a few key areas of exploration to understand the state of millennial motherhood and the importance that digital content plays in a mom's life. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring the findings of this study and going into depth on the state on mom's overall happiness, how and why she consumes digital content, the influence that brands have in a mom's life, her purchasing habits, and how brands can create meaningful content that resonates with moms.