Now We Are 3: How Moms Can Achieve Balance

When women become mothers, their motivations for healthy living can take on a new significance. As a mother, a woman's goals can shift from wanting to be feel great and look great to "wanting to be healthy for a long time," as one of the women we interviewed shared. The truth is that both are equally important, and finding the time and the energy to take care of herself and her children is the real challenge. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we asked moms to discuss goal setting, organization, and the challenges that come with being a mom.

For mothers, finding balance is often about managing the time they have in the day, setting a schedule, and sticking to it. Setting goals to achieve balance is an important exercise that is perceived as being necessary to help define success in less measurable areas of life. Organization is seen as the key to peace of mind for women, but there's a difference between the interest in the topic and the practice. Women confess to feeling "out of sorts" when they're not organized, but getting organized can feel like a burden to some women.

We asked women to select the kind of professional help they would choose if given the chance. Moms were less likely to select options like a personal stylist or personal shopper but more likely to select a personal organizer and much more likely to select a personal chef. In fact, 29% of moms selected a personal chef, ranking that first among all other options.

For marketers, helping mom get and stay organized and providing her with snackable and sharable content on how to save time throughout her day, especially in the kitchen, is a key to securing brand affinity. There is a significant opportunity for brands to be seen as trusted resources that help moms cut through the clutter and provide clear and concise information to help moms navigate their busy days.