Only 1/2 of Women Are Happy With Their Exercise Routines

Happiness is the ultimate goal, but it's hard to achieve. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we wanted to check in with women to see how happy they were in various aspects of their lives and get a better understanding of the areas where they felt needed some improvement.

In general, school seems to be an incredibly satisfying part of some women's lives. Overall, 97% of women who are current students report that they are either "very happy" or "somewhat happy" with their school or college.

Among all women, family ranks number one on the happiness scale, with 96% of women stating that they are "very happy" or "somewhat happy" with their families. Hobbies and activities rank second on the list, with 88% of women being happy about their choice of leisure activities. Friends and social life rank third overall (86%), equaled by social media (86%) and followed closely by health (85%). Career (83%), looks and appearance (83%), and work-life balance (80%) all reached the 80% and above mark for happiness.

While focusing on the life areas that women are happy about is important, it's probably much more interesting to identify those areas where women are currently not as happy and recommend ways that brands can help improve women's lives by increasing their happiness.

Exercise routines ranked last on our happiness scale, with only 52% of women stating that they were "very happy" or "somewhat happy" with their current routine. Only 60% of women said they were happy with their finances, and 70% were happy with their diet or eating habits, meaning that while some are happy, there is room for improvements in each of these areas.

These specific areas represent opportunities for marketers to provide guidance, inspiration, and helpful content that can help increase a woman's happiness.