A Profile of Female Grocery Shopper Behavior

According to a recent study from PLMA and GFK, six in 10 women spend more than an hour shopping in the supermarket. Rather than lose that precious hour each weekend, Sixty-one percent of women prefer to shop for groceries on weekdays according to the POPSUGAR Insights 2015 Food Study. Simply put, women want to save time on their weekends for fun activities — not for dodging carts in the grocery aisle. Because they shop during the week, they also prefer to make time shopping for groceries in the afternoon (34%) and evening (35%) hours.

Convenience shopping is not a priority for women, as 46% of women typically buy their groceries at a combination of stores: the grocery store, big-box retailers, and smaller stores — or a combination of grocery and smaller stores. Only 23% shop exclusively at a grocery store. Mass or big-box retailers are also not where women are typically going to buy all their groceries, as only 3% do so.

What this tells us is that women who grocery shop are willing to go to more than one store to get the groceries they want and need. Personally, I buy from a combination of small stores (Trader Joe's), big-box retailers (Target), and grocery stores. This is because certain items I regularly buy are not available at Trader Joe's, and that's when I head to the grocery store. Other times Target will be having a sale on certain food items that I just can't pass up.

There are many factors involved in why women are willing to go to two to three stores to do their grocery shopping. Their willingness to do so is an opportunity for grocery marketers.