Q&A With Daily Baez from DailyCurlz

Daily Baez, a Dominican descendant living In LA, is the author of DailyCurlz.com.

Q. Where do you personally find inspiration related to the topic/topics that you blog about? How has that changed/evolved over the last year?

I blog about my personal journey into a healthier lifestyle that includes taking care of myself and loving my hair. I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair, so my inspiration comes from my everyday life, my daughters (also with curly hair), and now my readers and followers. It hasn't changed at all; the only thing that changed is the way I present my work. Now I know the responsibility that comes with it, and I try as much as possible to have a more clean and neat work.

Q. How did you first become interested in becoming a blogger? What was it that made you choose the topic areas that you chose?

I started my journey or transition into natural curly hair and I didn't find the support among friends and family, so one day out of frustration, I opened a Facebook page. A short while later, someone suggested that I should open a blog. I didn't know what "that" was, but after a lot of reading and at 3 o'clock in the morning, I had myself a blog. I didn't choose the topic, the topic chose me.


How has your blog evolved over time? How has the emergence of various new forms of social media and other communication platforms changed the content you create or how you connect with your audience?

Sooo much; it was just a space where I shared my journey, with zero knowledge about photography or writing whatsoever. My blog grew organically, and with time, I grew with it. For social media, I do it all, even if I am not sure about it; I just sign up and get my name "DailyCurlz" until I figure out how to do it and if it is a good fit for me.

Q. Are there specific elements of your unique cultural heritage that make you more attractive to brand partners?

Absolutely; I am a Latina and also black, which makes me an Afro-Latina. It is a unique niche that brands are absolutely attracted to. Also, the fact that my blog and social media are bilingual is very attractive.

Q. What are the characteristics of a marketer or brand that you feel does an excellent job of communicating with Latinas?

Brands that know how to communicate with Latinos, not through language, but by culture. I believe this is only possible when they have someone in their team that is actually Latino. Brands that understand that Latinos come in a range of colors, shades, and forms.