State of the Union: 83% of Women Say They Have A Great Life

As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we wanted to check in with women to see how they're feeling about various aspects of their lives as they relate to healthy living.

First, we wanted to understand if women would agree or disagree with the statement "Overall, I have a really great life." Happily, 83% of women overall agreed that they have a really great life. When viewed by age, 84% of millennial women agreed that they have a really great life, while 76% of women between the ages of 35 and 40 agreed with that statement.

Across the country, women in the Midwest (87%) and South (86%) were more likely to say they were leading a really great life as compared to women in the West (83%). Unfortunately, women in the East were the least likely (70%) to agree with the statement.