Taking Insights Above and Beyond

Since launching POPSUGAR Insights earlier this year, we've had the distinct pleasure of having guest experts from across the industry and the globe share their informed opinions and extensive expertise related to the original research we've conducted on topics such as healthy living, lifestyle video, retail-apparel and more. Because of the popularity of these guest expert contributions, we've decided to take these conversations to the next level by launching a new evergreen topic entitled Above and Beyond.

Above and Beyond represents a unique opportunity for guest experts to contribute to the larger conversation we are hosting around how brands and publishers can form strong emotional connections with female consumers. Starting today, we invite future guest contributors to submit content related to a wider range of topics, thus expanding our ongoing dialogue on the broader topic of marketing to women.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this new initiative and that it sparks compelling conversations and fresh ideas about how to market to women. If you are interested in becoming a guest expert on POPSUGAR Insights, we'd love to have you. Feel free to send us an email with your contact information and the topic you would like to contribute to.