Technology Helps Women Stay Focused On Their Own Wellness Journey

From counting steps to tracking sleep habits to heart rate monitoring, technology can be an essential part of how women make daily strides toward their fitness and wellness goals. As wellness technology continues to evolve and new products consistently hit the market, women have strong opinions about the best ways to use new technology to aid and enhance their wellness journey. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2019 Wellness Report, we asked US women between the ages of 18 and 49 to give us a peek into their personal wellness journey and share more about the role that technology plays on their path to overall wellness.

Above all else, technology helps women set realistic wellness goals and monitor their daily journey. Over 50% say technology is useful in setting achievable goals, while 3 in 4 women recognize that technology is helpful in recording their daily activities. Technology also serves as an accountability coach, a time saver, and a source of inspiration. Women believe tech can enhance their wellness journey by helping them make smarter choices (53%), become more efficient (49%), and stay inspired (47%).

By comparison, women are hesitant to leverage technology to engage in friendly competition with their loved ones. Only 15% say that technology helps them share wellness milestones and compare their performance with others, while under 5% view technology as a means of impressing their friends. Technology also falls short in helping women stick to a budget - less than 20% say tech is helpful in saving money.

While women are open to using technology to develop wellness goals and track their personal progress, they're not looking to leverage technology to impress others or make performance comparisons. Ultimately, women want technology brands to keep them focused on their own personal journey, providing consistent inspiration and encouraging them to make smart decisions. Simply stated, they want technology to help keep their journey positive, pure, and personal.