Time Well Spent: Healthy Living Content Consumption Patterns

Social media is addictive. A recent study from Harvard showed that social media provides the same pleasures as food, money, and sex. So, go ahead and check Facebook before reading this — we'll wait.

Back? Great. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report, we sought to explore the concept of healthy-living-related content consumption trends across social media, and then dive deeper into specific types of content to understand women's habits and preferences.

Among women who consume healthy living content "multiple times per day" or "at least once a day," 38% cited Facebook as the social media platform of choice, followed by 16% for Pinterest and 13% for Twitter. An additional 22% of women said they visit social media sites other than Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. In terms of the types of healthy living content they consume, 25% of high-frequency consumers look at images online, 24% read articles or blog posts, 14% watch videos online, and 12% listen to audio online. Perhaps evidence of an emerging trend, women between the ages of 18 and 24 were more likely to consume healthy living content on a social media site other than Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest while older women preferred Facebook.

Interestingly, among women who consume healthy living content "at least once a week" or "less than once per week," audio was the content type they preferred: 88% of "lower-frequency consumers" listen to healthy living audio content, 86% watch videos online, 76% read articles or blog posts, and 75% look at images. In terms of preferred social networks, 87% of "lower-frequency consumers" use Twitter, 84% use Pinterest, and only 62% use Facebook.