Topics of Interest: Laughing, Sleeping, and Eating

Who doesn't enjoy a funny sitcom, slapstick comedy, or stand-up routine? Women do, and they value the importance of laughter and humor as a great stress reducer. Women feel that laughter and humor help to defuse the seriousness of setting and achieving their healthy living goals. The women we interviewed as part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report feel that laughter truly is the "best medicine," one whose power is "underestimated" as a stress-reduction and healing tool.

Sleep is another topic that is universally recognized by women as being critically important to living a healthy lifestyle. The women that we spoke with felt that sleep was "essential to recharging," had "stress-relieving benefits," and acts as a table setter to achieving balance each day. Women seek out expertise from influential experts on how to make the most of the sleep they get and how to keep the stresses of their everyday lives outside of their tranquil bedroom.

Finally, meal planning was cited by women as an interesting but less important topic overall. While eating right is a key to living healthy, the interest in meal planning varied depending upon a woman's domestic situation. Planning and cooking for the week's meals was seen as a challenge, and while women understand that it's difficult to stay fit without a precise meal plan, women, especially single women, we spoke with didn't seem very interested in planning an entire week's worth of meals in advance. However, for those who were committed to meal planning, Pinterest and blogs like "Apple A Day" or Hungry Hungry" were cited as a great sources of inspiration.