What Makes Women Happy in Exercise and Fitness

Can sweat make you happy? As part of the POPSUGAR Insights "Find Your Happy" study, we surveyed women to determine what it means to be happy in specific vertical categories, including exercise and fitness.

Over 50% of women responded that the "benefit" was what made them happiest. This included health-related responses like losing weight (9%), feeling in shape (8%), and being healthy (8%). Feeling in shape was especially important to teenage girls (15%), single women (10%), and women without children (10%), while being healthy was more important to moms (11%).

Twenty-eight percent of women selected a specific exercise type as what makes them happiest. Popular responses included running or jogging, walking, swimming, and yoga. Running and jogging was especially popular with teen girls (12%) and students (9.2%), meaning there's a next generation of runners developing across the country.

Over 19% of women cited the "experience" of exercise as what makes them happiest. These included responses like having fun while working out, working out hard, and working out with friends or family. A positive exercise experience was especially important for married women (26%).