What Makes Women Happy in Food and Beverages

Who hasn't discovered happiness in a delicious meal? As part of the POPSUGAR Insights "Find Your Happy" study, we surveyed women to determine what it means to be happy in specific vertical categories, including food and beverages.

Within food and beverages, 43% percent of women said that overall it's food items that makes them happiest. This was especially true of teenage girls (52%), students (52%), single women (47%), and women without children (47%). Perhaps not surprisingly, desserts and sweets rule when it comes to individual foods mentioned. Ten percent of women cited desserts as their favorite food item, making it the number one individual type of food mentioned. Teen girls (16%) and students (14%) were more likely to mention desserts as what makes them happiest.

Among the 40% of women who cited the emotional or healthier aspects of food as the key to their happiness, 20% of women said that it's the taste that matters most, regardless of food type.

Thirty-one percent of women cited beverages as what makes them happiest, including enjoying a soda (11%) or the occasional alcoholic beverage (4%). Hispanic women (37%) were more likely than any other ethnicity to cite beverages as what makes them happiest.