What’s Hot & Not in Wellness Products for 2019

This year, 3 in 4 women plan to purchase wellness-related technology products. With the constant development of smart & connected wellness technology, there have never been so many products on the market for women to choose from. While it's easy to be influenced by what's trending, women are taking a step back to re-evaluate these products and determine which are actually useful in achieving their wellness goals. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2019 Wellness Report, we asked US women between the ages of 18 and 49 to give us a peek into their wellness journey and share more about the wellness products they plan to purchase this year.

Mindfulness, recovery, and connected homes are key wellness trends gaining momentum, as reflected in the products women intend to buy. When asked what wellness-related tech products they plan to purchase in 2019, 1 in 3 women (31%) say meditation/mindfulness apps are at the top of their list, proving women want technology to help them re-center and relieve stress. They also want products that make their home a more stress-free environment. At least in 1 in 5 women plan to purchase essential oil diffusers, home assistants or home air purifiers this year.

While women are excited about their connected homes, they're less interested in products that keep their personal health & wellness journey hyper-connected. Only 12% of women plan to purchase sleep trackers this year, and under 10% are interested in heart rate trackers, smart home exercise equipment, or smart clothing. There's an opportunity for wellness tech brands offering these products to educate women on their benefits and how they can help women achieve their personal wellness goals.

Technology is such an important part of the wellness journey, but women are specific about the types of technology they invite into their lives. Brands should focus on wellness tech that can help manage and reduce women's stress and continue to create products that are "smart" without feeling overly connected.