When The Blogger Comes Alive

A guest post by Arianna Henderson.

There's nothing like clicking on a video and being able to explore the world of beauty, fashion, and more. You can do your hair alongside your favorite beauty guru or talk fashion in the comments with your favorite fashionista. It becomes more than a viewership, more like a friendship. We share our favorite products, talk about our lives, and give a look into who we are. One of my favorite television hosts, Wendy Williams, often refers to people as a "friend in [her] head." When watching my favorite lifestyle vloggers, I see their personality through the lens of their camera. I feel connected with them, like I'm actually having a conversation with them. They then become a friend in my head. As a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, I see the same pattern with my viewers.

I get a totally different response on my videos than I do on my text posts. I get more interaction, comments, questions, and feedback. When people see me in action, they feel as if they know me and can ask for advice or start a conversation with me. I absolutely LOVE it. Sometimes my subscribers offer their own advice or create a video inspired by something I've made. It becomes a community where we all discuss beauty or fashion and help one another.

Recently, beauty channels on YouTube have seen tremendous growth. According to tubefilter.com, beauty videos receive about 700 MILLION views a month, and there are approximately 45,000 independent beauty channels. In other words, women are connecting more than ever because of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos. They look to vloggers for advice on topics such as where to buy the cutest clutch or who makes the best curly hair cream. We've created a special trust factor through these videos we present. Although text blog posts are great, they lack connectivity in comparison to videos. Some of my blog posts, such as my outfit of the day looks, are just text with photos. I love creating these looks too, but it's just not the same as sitting in front of my camera, creating a video, and uploading it for the world to see. It's a little bit more intimate. It's less "posed" and more raw. You can see our flaws, hear us stumble over our words, and it causes us to become a bit more humanized. We're not just a pretty face on a picture anymore. We move, we talk, we laugh. Our viewers interact with us and connect with us on a different level. It's not just a comment on a picture anymore; it's a discussion where we can create another video and answer back.

Being both a vlogger and a blogger, I see both sides of the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle world. I connect with people on my blog in a different way than I do with my videos. Both means of communication are quite effective, but I feel a stronger connection with my subscribers after uploading a video. Based on my viewers' responses, I believe they feel the same. The bond and friendship created through videos is definitely one that I cherish, and it's taking on the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle world by storm.