When Women Watch Lifestyle Video

Because online video is appointment viewing on a 24/7 schedule, we wanted to know when women watch videos. What we found is that women watch videos when they fit into their schedules. One-third of women didn't have a specific time as to when they watched online videos and fit them into their busy schedules when they have the time.

For short-form video (under 4 minutes), 33% of moms and 27% of women watch in the early morning (before 9 a.m.). These snackable short videos get them going in the morning before their day begins, and the trend picks up again in the early evening (27%). In looking at longer view times (4-20 minutes), 32% of women watch this length of video during primetime, with 30% watching in the early evening (5-8 p.m.). It is interesting to note that 34% of women 18 to 34 watch mid-length videos during the early evening vs. only 26% of women 35 to 49. For long-form videos (20+ minutes), which take a bit more time dedication, we can see that watching online videos is competing with TV, as 32% watch long-form videos during primetime (8-11 p.m.) with early evening coming up at 26%.

So we know that women watch videos pretty much when they want, but does it vary by device? Forty-two percent of women watch online videos (any length) in the early morning using their smart TV or streamed Internet through their TV, which increased during the early evening (52%) and primetime (58%). Sixty-one percent watch during primetime through their mobile phone, and 41% use their mobile for video during midday (11-3 p.m.). Watching during primetime on their mobile could be that their TV is otherwise occupied or they are not in front of it. For midday watching, it sounds like a nice little lunch break at work. For video viewing using a tablet, women watch during early evening (52%) and primetime (58%).

What I believe is interesting here, is how much short-form video is being watched in the early morning, before most of the activity of the day has occurred. This means that marketers can get their messaging out through online video advertising, using day-parting to capture the attention of these women who have the rest of day to become a potential purchaser of your products.