Women Enjoy Sharing High-Quality Visual Content

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but in today's age of the evocative web, a high-quality image is worth far more than 1,000 "likes" or shares. As part of our 2015 "Evocative Web" study, POPSUGAR Insights explored the relationship between publishers and brand marketers and the emotional connection that both can create via the use of high-quality visual imagery.

We conducted qualitative research with female consumers and learned that visual content has the ability to establish a positive bond and create opportunities for engaging experiences. In order for these positive connections to content to occur, the images must possess an attention to aesthetic detail, must feature a variety of subjects, and must take unexpected risks that draw attention to the content, or paint an artistic portrayal of the subject matter.

Brands that use high-quality visuals in their content have the capacity to increase admiration for the brand and aspiration for the products or lifestyle being communicated. Bottom line: in order for content to be read, "liked," or especially shared, the visuals need to evoke emotion for the viewer. From a nostalgic appeal with a throwback photo to an image of a beautifully prepared meal, the visual needs to deliver an emotional punch, be it happy or inspiring, that compels a woman to share.

But what type of content do women enjoy sharing the most? We asked women to tell us what would get them to share visual content, and the top responses were that the content needs to be "funny" (73%), that it needs to be "an important topic" to her personally (57%), that it's "for a good cause" (51%), or that it's "motivating" (48%). Each of these reasons for sharing maps back to the emotional connections women form with content we established with the release of our "Sight, Sound & Emotion" lifestyle video study.

Using high-quality visual images to attraction a woman's digital time and attention can be worth 1,000 "likes" when you remember that the best content for a woman strives to entertain her and provide her with a fun moment of bliss in an otherwise busy day, informs her about a topic she has a particular passion about, or inspires her to be her best self.