Women Are Excited to Solve Their Beauty Challenges

When a certain beauty product runs out or a new beauty concern arises, women take to the beauty aisles of their favorite store or website to find the perfect new product. But how do they feel seeking out something new? Is the process fun and exciting? Or does looking for a new beauty product cause women stress? As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2019 Beauty DNA Report, we asked US women between the ages of 13 and 54 to tell us about their approach to beauty and share more about how they feel when seeking out both new beauty products and new beauty content.

While less than 20% of women feel confident purchasing a new beauty product, they are truly eager to discover something new. When asked how they feel seeking new beauty products they've never purchased before, nearly 70% of women say they feel curious or excited. Curiosity and excitement outweigh women's lack of confidence, preventing stress levels from rising. Only 14% of women say they feel anxious when shopping for new beauty products and just 5% say they feel stressed. Shopping for new beauty products may be overwhelming, but women find it exhilarating.

Women feel similar emotions discovering new beauty content online. When women find a new post about a beauty topic they're interested in, 71% feel excited, 62% feel inspired and 50% feel curious. Less than 10% feel anxious or stressed reading a new beauty post, which suggests their favorite beauty content puts them at ease.

Ultimately, women are actively interested in solving their beauty challenges and don't feel threatened by the journey. There's an opportunity for beauty brands to continue educating women and help build their confidence when beauty shopping, ensuring the discovery process is both enjoyable and exciting.