Women Look To Endemic Sites, Pinterest, to Find Wedding Inspiration

Once the thrill of getting engaged wears off, the reality sets in. Getting married is a lot of hard work! From selecting the date to finding the venue, there are many decisions that need to be researched and made, and it can all seem overwhelming at times. Luckily, there are more resources than ever to help engaged women get inspired and plan the perfect event. POPSUGAR Insights recently surveyed over 1,200 married or engaged POPSUGAR readers to learn how they planned for their big days.

Women look primarily to wedding-specific websites (83%), Pinterest (74%), and individual blogs (50%) for assistance with their wedding planning. Instagram (31%), Facebook (14%), and YouTube are also used, but to a lesser extent. Despite the fact that more women use wedding websites to help with their planning, women find Pinterest to be slightly more influential than wedding websites.

In terms of wedding-related content, overall, 78% of women are satisfied with the content that they discover online. When asked to opine on the type of content they'd love to see more of, nearly six in 10 women indicated that advice on how to save money (59%) and wedding-related checklists and cheat sheets (58%) top the list. Over half of women want more event-planning tips and tricks (51%), and 43% of women want DIY solutions and advice on how to hire wedding professionals. Nearly one third of women want more information on specific brands and products, indicating there's an openness for branded content to help women plan a wonderful wedding.