Women Love to Laugh: Insights on the Content Women Want

As Charlie Chaplin once famously said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." The women we surveyed as part of our 2015 Evocative Web study would appear to agree wholeheartedly. From hilariously sidesplitting GIFs to videos of cats playing piano on YouTube, funny content is in high demand, according to women. This quote from one of the participants in our qualitative sessions explains it well:

"(I want to see) content that is funny. Content that is inspirational. Content that makes my life easier and better. I don't share content that doesn't inspire some sort of strong emotion. What's the point? I want something that is bordering on out of the ordinary. That's the content I share." — Nancy, age 29

Women want to see more visual content dedicated to topics that are funny (55%), showcase DIYs or how-tos (51%), feature real people (44%), cover current events or trending topics (40%), and are emotional (30%). Women want to see less visual content that is focused on salacious gossip (45%) or too focused on celebrities (41%).

In general, women want the images used in visual content to be content that "surfs", so the content should align with these five key elements:

  • Smart: Images should appeal to women's intelligence. Make it worth her time, and she will be loyal to your content and your message.
  • Unique: Offer women artistic, thoughtful, and unique imagery. Challenge them in a positive way.
  • Real: Women value real people and real opinions, especially if the message is coming from a brand or is related to a product.
  • Fun: Women are seeking more happy content and enjoy and relish opportunities for positive distractions.
  • Simple: Don't make women's eyes fight for attention, or you risk losing them. Focus on delivering your message with clear and simple images.

Keeping these elements in mind when creating content will help your content stand out in her crowded stream and will likely increase the emotional connection your brand makes with her.