Women Prefer Beauty Content That’s Informative & Ahead of the Curve

From product recommendations to relatable tips and tricks, women seek out real beauty advice from trusted and reliable sources. They prioritize their own beauty needs and challenges, preferring relatable beauty tips and honest product reviews to other women's stories about overcoming beauty challenges. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2019 Beauty DNA Report, we asked US women between the ages of 13 and 54 to tell us about their approach to beauty and share more about their favorite beauty content.

70% of women say they feel excited when they discover new beauty posts, often turning to visual sources like Instagram (33%) and YouTube (22%), as well as written articles (31%) for inspiration.

Above all else, women seek out quick tips and DIY tricks that they can use on a daily basis, but they also want content that keeps them ahead of the curve. When asked what digital beauty content they'd like to see more of, 62% of women crave reviews about newly released or limited edition products. While women love keeping their finger on the pulse, they're also determined to stick to a budget. 6 in 10 women want more lists of the best beauty products under a certain budget.

In addition to helping women discover new, affordable beauty products, their favorite digital content is helpful in teaching them how to put these products to work. From the best way to apply liquid eyeliner to how to get the perfect beach wave, 2 in 3 women want more content that offers in-depth how-to product tutorials.

Overall, brands and publishers should focus on creating content that is easily digestible while incorporating breaking trends and budget-friendly options that women can integrate into their everyday lives.