Women Choose Educational, Sustainable, & Philanthropic Wellness Brands

Over 85% of women have made a resolution to be healthier in 2019, but vowing to be healthier is only the beginning. In addition to seeking support from friends and family, women are reliant on wellness brands to help achieve their goals. We've quickly learned, though, that not all wellness brands are created equal. As part of the POPSUGAR Insights 2019 Wellness Report, we asked US women between the ages of 18 and 49 to give us a peek into their personal wellness journey and share more about the brands they choose to support them on their path to overall wellness.

When considering brands to help guide their journey, women are most likely to prefer wellness brands that take a holistic approach. While nearly 8 in 10 women say it's important for brands to offer "healthy" product choices, over 70% of women are more likely to follow brands that offer content on how to be healthier. It's not enough for brands to offer healthy products, but they also need to position themselves as an authority in the space and help educate consumers. 68% of women are more likely to appreciate brands that sponsor wellness activities in their local community and over half are more likely to be fans of brands that offer wellness education programs.

Beyond seeking wellness brands that educate and inspire, 86% of women want brands that are ethical, aligning with their personal core values. Ultimately, women prioritize transparency and sustainability. 92% buy from wellness brands that are honest in their ads, 72% prefer brands that offer sustainable products and 69% seek out brands that offer eco-friendly products. And just as with food products today, over 60% of women look for wellness brands that offer all natural ingredients.

Women also purchase and support wellness brands that are philanthropic. Over 70% of women are more likely to buy from wellness brands that donate a percent of the purchase price to a cause. While 6 in 10 women want wellness brands that are socially conscious, only a third favor brands that are aligned with a specific cause or social issue. For women, the specific cause or social issue is less important as long as their favorite wellness brands have a socially-responsible, charitable heart.