Women Watch Lifestyle Video While Relaxing & Multitasking

In this day and age of "too much to do and not enough time to do it in," it is not surprising that in POPSUGAR's Insights/ulive 2014 lifestyle video study, we have found that indeed women are multitasking while watching online video. However, they are also using online video to relax, as 65% are doing just that while enjoying a video.

Women are also prone to multitask in other endeavors while watching video: social networking (44%), browsing the Internet (45%), browsing the Internet in regards to the video they are watching (24%), in a room where others are watching TV (29%), household chores (24%), during work/school (21%), shopping online (22%), and talking on the phone (17%).

CPG companies should take notice that the biggest task women are taking part in while watching video is either eating food (45%) or preparing food (24%). In a recent eMarketer article, CPG advertising share in online video during the Q4 2013 period was only 19%. The article goes on to say that they are expected to pick up the pace, as well they should, for they have an avid audience of women who are primary shoppers and very often in a food mind-set.